Special trailers

industry solution
Inside length
Weight category
Your selected model: Type: Drehschemelkoffer-Anhänger mit kleiner Bühne
Drehschemelkofferanhänger UNSINN
Total weight:
3500 kg
Internal dimensions:
4860 x 2040 x 1900 mm
2570 kg
Loading height:
740 mm
Inside height:
1900 mm

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Sonderausstattung Art. 2065097:
Verkaufsklappe 2-geteilt, Auszugsrohre zum Abstützen, Außenfarbe weiß

Preis ab 14.990 Euro (netto)


Thermal sandwich structure
Inner and outer shell made of hot-dip galvanised and powder-coated steel sheet, for heavy-duty use
Insulation 40 mm PU core
External colour silver RAL 9006
Double-leaf rear door with aluminium hinges
Stainless steel espagnolette, 20 mm, and stainless steel door stays


Unique, torsion-resistant longitudinal beam chassis for safe motion characteristics
Welded hollow profile construction and completely hot-dip galvanised in immersion bath

Support wheel:

Strengthened, automatic support wheel, for safe parking of the loaded trailer, loading capacity 500kg

Loading platform:

Made of multi-bonded phenol-coated board, 18 mm,

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Ludwig Gulden
Ludwig Gulden
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Jonas Fackler
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