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The advertising opportunities for car trailers are diverse. They range from side walls and the ground to the tarpaulins.

However you have to consider that not every imprint possibility is long-term durable. UNSINN tarpaulins are made of plastic material and therefore expand or shrink depending on the weather. To make the tarpaulin more flexible, softening agents are included. These might have negative effects on the durability of the imprint.

What should be printed on your trailer?

One possibility is the use of tarpaulin colours which can be easily applied by using templates. In order to have a perfect lettering on your tarpaulin even after years of usage, we recommend to apply the colours twice or even three times. Especially for cargo trailers tarpaulin colours are suitable. One disadvantage is the difficult handling – the colours can smudge if they are not dry yet.

One alternative possibility is labelling with self-adhesive film which has a long durability especially if the surface is flat. Another benefit is the minimal effort required for labelling. Furthermore this kind of labelling is more precise thanks to the help of software programmes.

In the end it is a matter of preferences and costs for what kind of imprint you decide. We gladly advise you!