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Kennzeichnung und Zulassung bei PKW Anhängern

Not the whole combination has to be approved anymore, but the trailer gets accepted seperately. This brings the possibility of pulling the trailer with any vehicle.

Registration of car trailers

Which documents are required for registration:

  • registration document (registration certificate part II)
  • Certificate of Conformity if necessary
  • insurance double card or insurance code
  • valid identity card or passport (with registration card) of the future vehicle owner
  • power of attorney and identity card or passport (with registration card) of the person to be substituted / of the principal
  • for 100 km/h: manufacturer certificate or confirmation of an examining organisation
  • for associations: excerpt of the register
  • for companies: business registration or trade register excerpt

For trailers authorisation is required like for cars, this means it must have insurance, TÜV and vehicle taxes come up. Therefore every trailer has its own licence plate.