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Wartung Ihres PKW Anhängers


Implement the following care and maintenance work yourself or get it done by a specialist:

50 km 500 km quarterly half-
5,000 km
or annually
15,000 km
or annually
Check wheel screws for tightness   x     x  
Check wheels for uneven wear or damages x       x  
Check breakaway cable for damages; HVZD: clean lock washer contact       x x  
Oil reversing lever x       x  
Grease hinges of the accumulating mechanisms x         x
Clean ball clutch, oil spherical shell, hinges and bearing positions x     x x  
Repeatedly operate hand pump or emergency pump   x x      
Oil side wall hinges and locks     x      
Grease tilting bearing and tighten screws       x    
Grease ball socket hydraulic cylinder, check hub cap for tightness       x x  
Grease gimbal       x    
Oil or grease support wheel components       x    
Oil parking brake mechanism       x    
Oil flexible lashing eyes       x    
Check supports         x  
Check (and readjust) eccentric fixing       x    
Grease according to lubrication plan (only UKA)     x      
Grease lubrication points with grease nipples       x    


The following jobs must only be done by your specialist dealer:

Brake transmission device: check and grease mobility of drawbars, hand brake lever, reversing lever, frames and all flexible components every 10,000 km or annually
Check braking system, readjust and repair if necessary every 10,000 km or annually
Check shock absorbers of the accumulating mechanisms every 10,000 km or annually
Check coupling every 5,000 km or annually
Change hydraulic pipes if necessary (information on hydraulic hoses)
“Swing-check“: check and maintain all components associated to the swivel mechanism (only UKA) half-yearly
Check wheel play, adjust if necessary (only for tilted roller bearings) every 5,000 km or annually
Change grease for wheel hub bearing (only for tilted roller bearings) every 5,000 km or annually
Dismantle, clean, adjust, (repair) braking system; renew the bowden cable and the return springs every 30,000 km or two years