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AAA Premium Brake für optimale Bremswirkung

We have been producing trailers for more than 60 years now. Therefore we constantly try to develop and improve our products in order to be number one. Highest functionality, stability, comfortable driving characteristics, maintainability and safety are our main goals for our products. This is why we are the first big car trailer constructor to standardly offer the AL-KO high-performance brake AAA Premium.
The proven wheel brakes with their outstanding braking characteristics are completed by the automatic readjusting function. When it comes to wear at braking, the AAA readjusts the brakes automatically and therefore ensures the best possible braking effect. Hence the ideal brake efficiency lasts over the complete lifetime of the brakes and conserves the brake linings. This means that the necessary annual garage appointment to readjust the brakes becomes unnecessary. The costs of about 250 Euros for this are no longer required. Furthermore the initial inspection becomes redundant.
When reversing the readjusting is deactivated to prevent the brake from blocking. This ensures a safe and comfortable ride at all times. The passion for trailers is our motivation to offer our customers the best products on the market.

Your benefits with the UNSINN AAA Premium Brake

Lower maintenance costs
Initial inspection after 1000 km unnecessary. No costs for brake readjusting.

More driving comfort
Smooth braking without fitful pushing effect.

More driving safety
Shorter braking distance of up to 5 m.