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UNSINN Anhänger

One decisive factor for your trailer choice is which trailer type your car can pull. Therefore the permissible total weight is as important as the empty weight of the trailer. In your vehicle registration you can find information about the towing capacity of your car, which is 1200 kilogrammes in the following examples.

Choose for example a K 1021-13-1100 (braked, total weight 1000 kg, load capacity 800 kg), so you have to calculate like this:
                1200 kilogrammes (maximum towing capacity of the car)
          -       200 kilogrammes (empty weight of the trailer)
          =    1000 kilogrammes (maximum load weight)

As the load capacity of the trailer (800 kg) is lower than the permissible load weight, you can pull and load the trailer without any problems. For example a K 2630-14-1550 (braked, total weight 2600 kg, load capacity 2250 kg) has a maximum load weight of 850 kg.

             1200 kilogrammes (maximum towing capacity of the car)
          -    350 kilogrammes (empty weight of the trailer)
          =   850 kilogrammes (maximum load weight)

This trailer can also be pulled by your car without any problem. However, as the towing capacity of the towing vehicle is limited at 1200 kilogrammes, the trailer may be loaded with 850 kilogrammes maximum, even though it actually could transport 2250 kilogrammes. As soon as the empty weight of the trailer is higher than the maximum towing capacity, you must not pull your trailer with your towing vehicle as a safe transport would not be ensured.