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Fahrzeugpapiere Anhänger

If you lose your vehicle documents, you should replace them as quickly as possible. You have to report the loss to the public authority that handed out the old documents. If the documents were stolen, it would be recommended to report this to the police. The vehicle owner gets a loss statement of the authoritiy which enables them to use the vehicle for one week without official documents. Meanwhile, new documents have to be requested. You will get the replacement certificate immediately.

You found your documents?

If the new vehicle documents have already been handed out and the old documents, which were believed to be lost reappear, the latter ones have to be given to the authorities and be devalued, because there can only be one valid document. If the vehicle owner passed away, the heirs declared by testament are officially legal successors of the owner. If the documents get lost in this context, an affidavit is not necessary.  The right to inherit has to be verified to the authorities.

The loss of your vehicle’s papers has to be reported

If you lose your trailer documents use the same procedure as when losing your car documents.

If you lost your licence certificate part I (registration document) and your licence certifiate part II (identification document), you will have to make an affidavit about losing both of your documents to the authorities. If both documents were stolen from you and you have already reported it, it is enough to show the report to the authorities. The declaration of loss is not necessary in this case.

Loss of the documents abroad:

If you lose your documents abroad, please report this to the local police immediately and always have the confirmation by the police at hand in case you get into a traffic control.

Required documents for a new application:

  • proof of identity (ID or passport and registration card)
  • possibly identification document or licence certificate part II
  • proof of the valid general inspection
  • affidavit about losing the documents
  • informal declaration of loss
  • power of attorney and proof of identity of the principal, if not the owner but another person visits the authorities