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Der richtige Reifendruck des Anhängers

The correct tyre pressure is important in terms of safety, driving characteristics and durability of the tyres.


How do you notice a too low tyre pressure?

Higher rolling resistance and fuel consumption are typical for a low tyre pressure. In addition to that, the tyres get more worn and have a less long durability. Another indicator for low tyre pressure is an uneven wear of the tyres.


How do you notice a too high tyre pressure?

High tyre pressure can cause, similar to low tyre pressure, an uneven wear of the tyres as they have contact to the street mainly over the centre of their running surface. That is where you can determine a higher wear of the tyre. In addition to that the braking distance can get longer and the trailer can have worse driving characteristics in curves.


The correct tyre pressure for your trailer!

In the operating instructions for your trailer you can find the necessary information about the correct tyre pressure. In addition to that you can find a table with all information about the tyre pressure suitable for your tyre size here.

Tyre type

Pressure (bar) 

Tyre type


Pressure (bar) 


195/55 R10C


195/50 R13C


145/80 R13


185/60 R12C


155 R13


195/60 R12C


155 R13C


185/65 R14


165 R13C


185 R14C


175/70 R13


225/55 R12C



When should the tyre pressure be checked?

It is recommended to control the tyre pressure regularly. At the same time you can check your tyres for damages. In addition to that you should check the tyre at higher loads. Furthermore the tyre pressure should get checked when the tyres get exchanged in winter and summer. Due to the longer storage the tyre pressure can change and thus should be adapted before being used.


How can you set the tyre pressure correctly?

By means of an air pressure tyre inflator you can set the tyre pressure yourself, for example at a petrol station, or you contact an UNSINN distributor. The qualified staff know exactly what tyre pressure your trailer needs and professionally set it for you.