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Kofferanhänger für Motorrad

It attracted great attention at the Motorcycle World Bodensee: the new UNSINN drop-type trailer. Motorcycles can just be directly loaded onto the trailer. Lowering only takes a few seconds - the unsafe feat over unstable loading ramps will no longer be the case. The new cargo trailer is also suitable for smaller devices like lawn mowers or sweepers.
Trailers with the ability to be lowered are not very well-known yet. This will change with the new UNSINN ASK-series, as its handling is as simple as it can get. With a hand pump you can operate two hydraulic cylinders at the lowering axle, in just a few seconds the rear of the trailer is on the ground and ready to be loaded. The trailer can be docked during this, you do not need to consider any additional safety measures. UNSINN drop-type trailers are also available with an electric hydraulic system.

Cargo superstructure as desired

The cargo superstructure can be individually designed: in height, with doors, flaps and windows or with bevelled front. The interior design depends on your desires as well, e.g. with light or load securing elements fitting to the motorcycle. The closed cargo design protects from weather and robbery.