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Einachsiger Heckkipper

NEW size PHK 1527-13-1500 as storage vehicle

The product range of rear dumpers will be broadened by the one-axle PHK 1527-13-1500. Up to now there has only been the size with the box measures of 2300 x 1500 mm. The new trailer has a box measure of 2760 x 1500 x 350 mm with one axle in an unbraked performance. For this new version we offer you a wide range of accessories, which is perfectly adapted to the trailer. You can choose between different raised side walls, grid tops, aluminium tops, flat tarpaulins, high tarpaulins, electric hydraulic systems and many other useful accessories for your trailer.

Our accessory product range will be expanded, new in our program is the UNSINN professional net with suitable net and tarpaulin bar.

Unsinn professional net

  • Quality approved by DEKRA
  • textile: black, fine-mesh, robust, permeable to water and air, enhanced edges
  • no loss of load
  • no tangling up with the load

Net and tarpaulin bar

  • Material: galvanised steel
  • Coating: 2x black powdered for long durability
  • Mounting: quick and easy in the existing side wall profiles

Further information on the new trailer: PHK 1527-13-1500