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UNSINN Trailer-Box

Many application possibilities with the new trailer box

The specially for the drop-type trailer developed trailer box offers you many new and useful application possibilites. The concept is really simple: the robust and stable cargo superstrucutre (can be individually adapted to the customer's needs) will be placed on rollers. This is how we can easily put the trailer box on the loading area of the lowered trailer with a hand-operated wire rope winch. The drop-type trailer will not be modified and can be used as always. With a few handles the box trailer becomes a practical cargo trailer.

The idea of the trailer box

Many applications are possible: a mobile sales stand, a mobile workshop, a flexible motorcycle garage, storage room for fishing or camping equipment and of course an additional cargo superstructure for your drop-type trailer.

You can store all your equipment in a well tought-out system (we will adapt this to your request) in the trailer box and transport it with the trailer if necessary. In case of using it as a motorcycle garage, you can hibernate your motorcycle in the box and begin the journey to your desired destination on time with all your packed equipment when the season starts in spring.