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Ausbildung beim Anhängerhersteller UNSINN

Start of the apprenticeship 2018 at the company UNSINN Fahrzeugtechnik GmbH

A clash of generations: We all do things a bit differently and this shall be literally "mastered".

The car trailer producer UNSINN Fahrzeugtechnik GmbH in Holzheim starts the new apprentice year 2018/2019 with 6 apprentices. They were welcomed by managing director Rosa Unsinn after a short introduction of the business: "An apprenticeship brings obligations for the business and the apprentices. The obligations of the business are the training and education obligation, the due diligence and providing modern machines and tools. But also the obligations of the apprentices may not be forgotten: the obligation to learn and to follow instructions, careful dealing with machines and tools and keeping a report book. Thank you for choosing an apprenticeship at UNSINN". In the professions construction mechanic and warehouse logistics specialist they have an exciting start to working life. They are supported by the trainers and the management. Due to the modern business philosophy all aprentices are regularly involved in new projects and therefore can contribute with ideas and suggestions. Intern and extern courses provide an additional qualification. "Our goal is to give these people a very good apprenticeship and to develop our business with specialist employees", says Rosa Unsinn. The 25 apprentices are likely to be taken over after their apprenticeship thanks to the quick development of the business.

Four different generations are now represented in the company.This comes along with some challenges, which these different generations will, of course, manage to handle.