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Holzheim - The company UNSINN from Holzheim donates 1200 Euro to DKMS and a trailer with tarpaulin to the Social Center Meitingen. True to the motto "Donating instead of just giving", UNSINN waives presents for business customers and supports social projects instead. This is why the Social Center Meitingen can be given a new trailer. "It really simplifies work for my employees as we can for example easily transport the donations for the Tafel from A to B", managing director Jürgen-M. Werner happily tells about his new trailer.

DKMS can be happy about a monetary donation of 1200 Euro. They can use the money for typing (35 Euro per test). With a simple saliva test one can be taken in the donor database and thus can safe lives. "Many people in many places going many little steps can change the face of the whole world." This is how Brigitte Lehenberger describes her volunteer work for the DKMS. With regular typing events for example at schools and companies potential donors should be informed and inspired to take part. The company UNSINN is planning such an event for the year 2019. "At the last event 2008 in our premises many new donors could be taken in the database", says manager Rosa Unsinn.