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Anniversary UNSINN

"In our fast moving time such long lasting commitments to an employer become rare. But especially the experience of those longtime employees is of outstanding importance to a tradition-steeped business like UNSINN Fahrzeugtechnik GmbH. Therefore we are very happy to award Jakob Löffler (40 years), Markus Moser (20 years), Franziska Gumpp (10 years), Andrzej Tomanek (10 years) and Ludwig Hauptmann (10 years) for their long lasting commitment to UNSINN", says head of personnel Herbert Aggensteiner, who held the welcoming speech for the internal event.

Managing directors Rosa and Josef Unsinn, Gunnar Bregler and head of personnel Herbert Aggensteiner congratulated every person celebrating their anniversary and gave them a certificate as well as a present. "We are proud of them, who have been shaping our company development for years and have enriched us with their competence. Furthermore, these long lasting commitments are a sign for us that the work atmosphere is good and our employees enjoy their jobs", Rosa Unsinn confirmed.