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Leonhard UNSINN celebrates his birthday

From left to right: Managing director Gunnar Bregler, personnel manager Marianne Höß, Leonhard und Sofie Unsinn, Managing directors Rosa und Josef Unsinn


The entire UNSINN staff wishes a happy birthday

The founder of the company UNSINN Fahrzeugtechnik GmbH Leonhard Unsinn celebrated his 85th birthday on 11 February 2020. Within an internal event the entire UNSINN staff with 286 employees overall wished the senior boss a happy birthday. The personnel manager Marianne Höß thanked Mr Unsinn: "Without our boss we all would not be here today, he always fought for the development of the company, so thank you from all of our hearts! We wish our senior boss all the best and many more wonderful and healthy years."

Together with his wife Sofie Mr Unsinn started an agricultural technology company from the bottom which was able to become renowned quickly in the area. In 1957 he became master smith, thus he could start his own business. "I had not had any money or tools. To buy them I had to sign a bill of exchange", he tells.

In 1962 he and his wife Sofie got married and started to develop the business. The single branches of agricultural technology like reparation and production expanded, so the first workshop could be built in 1960. Agricultural devices and cars were repaired. The trade of cars and the production of manure tankers and trailers started to develop.

In 1992 Leonhard and Sofie Unsinn handed the business over to their son Josef and his wife Rosa. Today UNSINN is a competent provider of user-specific vehicles and distributes its products (car trailers, truck trailers and roll-off tippers) all over Europe.


An interesting fact from the UNSINN history:

In our Logo the white stripe stands for an "L" like Leonhard, which we visualised on the sign. The first design of the logo was made by Sofie Unsinn.