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Functionality Meets Comfort:
Cargo and Cool Trailers from UNSINN

Whether it is for conventional transport or used as a mobile office, with our cargo trailers your creativity has no limits. Be it flaps, doors, windows, partition walls, stages, awnings, cooling units, air conditioning or lightings, we will implement your ideas. Due to the stable sandwich panels and unique statics the special trailers are robust and durable, even with the most special requests.

Cargo trailers from UNSINN satisfy the highest quality standards and convince with their functionality, excellent driving characteristics and high safety. Our diverse selection contains more than 100 cargo trailer models in different weight classes for various demands - from sandwich to Plywood cargo to cargo advertising trailers. Many cargo trailers can also be used commercially, for example for advertisement or as a mobile food stall.

Cool trailers from UNSINN – freshness guaranteed

Beverages, fresh food and frozen products can be perfectly transported with cool cargo trailers. Equipped with special cooling units as well as an isolating layer between inner and outer wall the goods remain perfectly cooled during the transport. Especially for gastronomy and the catering and event sector we have developed the cool trainer Type Cool 6 C6. The cooling temperature of +2° C to +10° C can be easily regulated via an electronical digital thermostat. the cooling unit works environmentally friendly with CFC-free coolants and brings voll power with at least 1,600 Watts.

If meat or frozen goods need to be transported, the cool trailer Type KIK with a cooling temperature of +0° C bis -18° C is the right choice. The utterly thick walls provide ideal isolation. If desired the trailer can be equipped with interior lighting, a power set, vertical blinds, anchor rails and many more. The models are available as single-axle or tandem trailers and if necessary can be expanded to an interior height of up to 2,500 mm.

Always flexible: the Plywood cargo trailers

Our Plywood cargo trailers are real all-rounders and protect the goods from theft and bad weather due to their cargo superstructure. There are 16 different trailers in our product range that have an overall weight between 750 kg and 2,600 kg. The load capacity depends on the model and varies between 430 kg and 2,090 kg. The lashing system with the adjustable lashing rings ensures perfect load securing. For an ideal sight when loading the trailer the roof is transparent. Practial accessories like loading ramps, steering lock profiles, supports and anchor rails or chamfered end walls for higher aerodynamics provide additional possibilities.

Low loading height? No problem with the Cargo KC

The drop-type cargo trailer Type KC have an utterly low loading height. Due to the stable design and the serial skirting board they are almost predestined to transport pallet goods and the alike. A loading ramp can provide additional support. The overall weight of the trailer varies depending on the type between 2,000 and 3,000 kg with a load capacity of 1,170 kg to 2,140 kg.

For high and low loading: Sandwich Cargo Trailers

The drop-type cargo trailer Type KK and LKK are ideal when a low loading height is necessary. The difference is that the cargo trailer KK has a welded frame and the LKK has a screwed frame. The PK trailers are high loaders with particularly smooth driving characteristics. The exposed superstructure allows various possibilities for special equipments. No wonder the PK can be used as a promotion trailer, a sales stand, a mobile stage or a snack car. Overall weight: 2,000 kg to 3,500 kg; load capacity: 1,220 kg to 2,625 kg.

No compromises thanks to drop-type trailers

ASK trailers combine the benefits of the useful lowering function with the classic cargo trailer. Due to the low ramp angle pallets can be as easily loaded as motorcycles, lawn mowers or smaller building machines. Thanks to the diverse accessories - from lighting to doors, flaps, windows and additional load securing elements - the trailer can be individually designed. The mannual hydraulics can be replaced by electrohydraulics with a battery and a charger. The overall weight is between 1,400 kg and 1,800 kg, the load capacity is between 810 kg and 1,010 kg. For the transport of bigger machines or vehicles the vehicle transporter Type FTK is the ideal solution. Lateral flaps and a small ramp angle make loading particularly easy.

We gladly advise you to find the right trailer. The high quality of the materials as well as outstanding driving characteristics ensure that you will be able to enjoy your trailer for a long time. Further information about our cargo and cool trailers as well as all other models under