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Kipper in Aktion

I would like to thank you very much for the good, particularly friendly, very professional and competent advice. You have given your best to meet my specific wishes. I always had the feeling the customer is king and all his wishes should be met at your company. It was a pity you could not attend the handover yourself. Therefore you could not see the fascinated faces of me and my son. By now I have already used the trailer several times. No matter where I go or am, with raised side walls or with the tarpaulin, I always get envious glances. For example when I got bark mulch at a local company, the sales staff wanted to poach my trailer on the spot after a look out of the office window. Of course I made best promotion for Unsinn. If it was useful? Several people in the office could not hide their admiration and looked out the window while I was loading my trailer. I would also like to thank you again for the possibility of selling my used trailer on your website’s second hand market. This was the only way to sell my trailer within 48 hours.

Best wishes and with great excitement about having a Unsinn trailer

Ott Arthur with son Martin from Schwenningen