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Dear Mr. Gulden,

We have been using the Dumper UHK 1827 for half a year now and we are (without exaggerating) impressed again and again. Especially my father (former mechanical engineer for agricultural machinery and perfectionist) is fascinated over and over again by the great manufacturing quality and well-thought-out design of the trailer. This quality often attracts other's attentions: People keep talking to us about it, be it at my brother's moving, at getting firewood or regularly at disposing green waste on the local recycling depot.

We are also very happy with the trailer in terms of technology. It runs perfectly when it is empty as well as when it is loaded, the tipping function works as it is supposed to and the trailer is really stable and robust. What we are also very glad about is that we have bought the trailer with original 2 x 400 mm side walls and not with a wire frame top. Especially at disposing bushes and branches nothing gets caught when tipping the load - no matter how it was loaded - and nothing falls off the trailer (e.g. pine needles, cuttings or sawdust) and the side walls are really light and stable at the same time. It is very useful that the trailer has inner and outer lashing points.

All in all we are very satisfied and can only recommend this trailer, the brand UNSINN and the service of the staff. Thank you very much for the great advice!

Best regards
Bernd Gerdemann