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UNSINN - Trailers for doers

Experience in a humourous way why it is important for daily life to have the right trailer. We develop the perfect trailer solution according to your requirements.

Motorcycle trailers from UNSINN

Whether you are going on vacation or to the garage, with an UNSINN motorcycle trailer you reach your destination in a safe and simple way. We gladly inform you about our various models. Equip your motorcycle trailer with accessories or develop with us an individual trailer exactly according to your requirements.

Building machine transporters from UNSINN

No matter what machine you need a building machine transporter for - we have the perfect solution for you. UNSINN building machine trailers were developed for high stresses and a safe transportation particularly for the building industry. UNSINN building machine transporters - trailers for doers!

UNSINN pole-type trailers

Our pole-type trailers are designed for the transport of long goods. In a few simple and toolless steps the platform trailer turns into a pole-type trailer, so that you can transport your goods simply and safely. UNSINN pole-type trailers - trailers for doers!

UNSINN Cargo trailers

Our cargo trailers are designed for the weatherproof and safe transport. Due to a wide range of accessories and the possibility of an individual design of the cargo superstructure every request can be met. UNSINN Cargo trailers - trailers for doers!

Bremsanhänger von UNSINN

Bremsanhänger kommen bei der Erprobung von Kraftfahrzeugen und Prototypen zur Simulation von Fahrwiderständen, wie bei Gebirgsfahrten oder bei verschiedenen Anhängelasten, zum Einsatz. Folgende Tests können mit dem Unsinn Bremsanhänger realisiert werden: Untersuchung des Kühlsystems, Beurteilung der thermischen Belastbarkeit des Motorinnenraums, Auslegung der Fahrgastzellenklimatisierung, Applikation von Motor- und Getriebesteuerung und Gesamtfahrzeugerprobung aller Komponenten.